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Finnische Gastschüler an der GSO

Finnische Gastschüler an der GSO vom 21. -  25.05. 2013
Finnische Schülerinnen geben Impressionen ihres Aufenthaltes wider:
Hi everybody,
Here it is very nice. Bad Hersfeld is a beautiful town. The houses are big and cute (and very clean ).
Host families are very friendly, they all taught us many new things.
Food has been good and delicious (and there has been lots of it). We are eating all the time  :-))
Some of the lessons we attended have been interesting and fun, but some lessons (like Maths, Latin and French) have been boring, because we didn’t understand anything.

It’s nice to see your school and all the lessons, but there should be less lessons for us. Best part of the journey has been shopping in Bad Hersfeld and the trip to Eisenach and the Wartburg (although it was cold, but no rain).

Everyone has been nice and  YOU  ALL  ARE  VERY  WELCOME  TO  FINLAND  !!!
It was nice to get to know new people (specially the German students) and make new friends.
Written by:  Katri   Anni  Satu   Minna  Niina  Nelli  Sofi   Maissi  Jade





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